Looking for something I mentioned in a post? You can find it in my shop!

Looking for something I mentioned in one of my posts? You can find it here, at my shop! Just click! Thank you for your support! A Gathering of Days Shop

Monday, May 15, 2017


Good morning, friends. 

Many of you who follow my blog also follow me on Facebook, and so you are aware of my mom's passing on Friday, May 12. Prior to my mom's passing I was consumed with finals during my last semester in school, so those two things combined are what have led to my lack of posts. At this point I fully intend to return to regular posting, but as the next few weeks will be devoted to preparations for my mom's funeral and then beginning the process of paperwork and sorting through her things, I am going to take a sabbatical until the first of June. I appreciate your taking the time to visit with me here, and appreciate your prayers during this difficult time.