Looking for something I mentioned in a post? You can find it in my shop!

Looking for something I mentioned in one of my posts? You can find it here, at my shop! Just click! Thank you for your support! A Gathering of Days Shop

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday Snippets - A Gathering of Loveliness - .01

Each Sunday I'll be sharing some of the things I love, from music, to movies, to books and recipes, you never know what might pop up here.  Just simple joys and pleasures I find along the way and want to pass along!
Maybe you'll discover a few you love, too! 

I ♥︎ This Song (My All Time Favorite)

What A Wonderful World

I ♥︎ Old Time Radio Shows

I ♥︎ Old Movies

Fathers Little Dividend
with Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor

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