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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Nature Stories For Little Ones - Among the Forest People

Although we no longer homeschool, I have 20+ years of experience and a vast treasury of files and resources that I've kept over the years.  With that, one of my objectives for blogging is to share those resources with my readers.  Whether you homeschool, or are just looking for some fun books and activities to share with your children,  hopefully you'll find a few new favorites and be inspired to spend some time with the littles in your life.

One of my daughter's favorite subjects during school was Nature Study, and in her elementary years she especially enjoyed nature stories.  One of our favorite authors, Clara Dillingham Pierson, wrote a series of books, Among the Forest People, Among the Farmyard People, Among the Meadow People, Among the Pond People and Among the Night People, all featuring delightful stories of animals and insects in various habitats and discussing the lives they lived there.

I'm going to cover each book in the series over several posts linking to the texts and to websites where you will find pictures of each animal/insect featured in the book as well as coloring pages. When Kate was reading through the books I always made sure to introduce her to the featured animal/insect by showing her a picture before we read the story so that she would have a mental image of it in her mind.  Then after we finished reading she would orally narrate the story and then color the picture. But before we jump into the first book, I want to share this for anyone who may be using this in your homeschool.  The first three books in the series, Among the Forest People, Among the Farmyard People, and Among the Meadow People are 20 chapters, 18 chapters and 29 chapters long, in that order.  With that, you could easily schedule these twice a week, I always preferred Tuesday and Thursday, and in doing so, you will finish reading all three books over the school year, based upon a 12 week semester/36 week school year.  You could then follow up the next year with the remaining two books and the series would be complete!  So let's get started with the first book, Among the Forest People!

Among the Forest People
by Clara Dillingham Pierson

Audio books are another fun way to enjoy stories, and this entire series is available for free!

Chapter 1
Learn more about the the Red Squirrel, here.
American Red Squirrel coloring page.

Chapter 2
Learn more about the Great Horned Owl, here.
Great Horned Owl coloring page.

Chapter 3
Learn more about the Crow, here.
American Crow coloring page.

Chapter 4
Learn more about the Red Headed Woodpecker, here.
Red Headed Woodpecker coloring page.

Chapter 5
Learn more about Moths, here.

Chapter 6
Learn more about Bees, here.

Learn more about the Kingbird, here.
Kingbird coloring page.

Chapter 7
Learn more about the Cowbird, here.
Cowbird coloring page.

Chapter 8
Learn more about the Mourning Dove, here.
Mourning Dove coloring page.

Chapter 9
Learn more about the Blue Jay, here.
Blue Jay coloring page.

Chapter 10
Learn even more about Red Squirrels, here.
Another Red Squirrel coloring page.

Chapter 11
Learn more about the Rabbit, here.
Rabbit coloring page.

Chapter 12
Learn more about the Bat, here.

Chapter 13
Learn more about Bee Hives, here.

Chapter 14
Learn more about the Ground Hog, here.
Ground Hog coloring page.

Chapter 15
Learn more about the Rattlesnake, here.
Rattlesnake coloring page.

Chapter 16
Learn more about the Mole, here.

Chapter 17
Learn about the Wild Turkey, here.
Wild Turkey coloring page.

Chapter 18
Learn more about Bird's Migration, here.
Bird flying coloring page.

Chapter 19
Learn more about the Ruffed Grouse, here.
Ruffed Grouse coloring page.

Chapter 20
A Mild Day in Winter

I made up a chart that maps out each week's reading, if you want to use it.  If you are using it for home school, this would cover the first 10 weeks of the first semester, and then you would begin with the next book in the series, Among the Farmyard People in Week 11.  I'll be posting  links and a schedule for that book soon.

I hope that some of you might find this useful.  I miss our days of homeschooling at times, and sharing these resources here with you is like revisiting old friends!

Until then, take joy!

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