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Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Reflection on the Little Things in Life

I came across this sweet little poem in my collection of posts I've kept from my previous blog, Life in the Little Nest.  I just love the sweet sentiments expressed here, a good reminder that some of our most treasured memories are made up of life's littlest moments.  Enjoy the "little moments" of your day today, my friends!

Little words are the sweetest to hear;
Little charities fly farthest, and stay longest on the wing;
Little lakes are the stillest;
Little hearts are the fullest,
and little farms are the best tilled.
Little books are read the most,
and little songs the dearest loved.
And when Nature would make anything especially rare and beautiful,
she makes it little; little pearls, little diamonds, little dews.
The Sermon on the Mount is little,
but the last dedication discourse was an hour long.
Life is made up of littles;
death is what remains of them all.
Day is made up of little beams,
and night is glorious with little stars.

~ Author Unknown

Until then . . .

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