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Monday, March 6, 2017

The Beauty of the Home

I've been collecting poems and quotes and phrases about the home and home keeping for a number of years now.  Even though I am currently living with and caring for my mother, I still try my best to make this house our home, which isn't too hard since this is the same house I lived in as a child.

Someday it is my hope to publish a small book on seasonal living and home keeping, and that is another reason why I collect these.  I posted a number of them at another blog that I kept for several years, Life in the Little Nest, and I have them archived in my files for safe keeping.  I was perusing them last night when I realized that I should be sharing them here, and so I sorted through and found a few of my favorites which I'll be posting over the next several weeks and months.  With that, I want to begin with this one, which is a personal favorite.

The beauty of a house is harmony. 
The security of a house is loyalty. 
The joy of a house is love. 
The plenty of a house is in children. 
The rule of a house is service. 
The comfort of a house is in contented spirits. 
The maker of a house is God Himself, 
the same who built the stars and made the world. 

 ~ Author Unknown

Isn't it just lovely? So touching and sweet!  It would make up beautifully in cross stitch, maybe I'll see what I can come up with and perhaps begin over Spring Break, which is next week, I can hardly wait, I need the rest!  Until then I have a major math test this week and an essay that is due, so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post.  I'm looking forward to summer when I can, hopefully, devote more time to this little space.  I did discover a wealth of other lovely poems, recipes and resources tucked away in my archives, so I may rely on them heavily for awhile until summer!  And speaking of, the temperatures are supposed to reach 86 here today!  We practically skipped winter this year, and I'm not sure Spring will fare any better!

Until then, my friends, take joy!

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