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Friday, March 31, 2017

Slowing Down to Savor Spring

With the exception of a nasty storm in this week, the weather has been absolutely wonderful!  Bright
blue skies, a cool breeze and abundant sunshine.  It looks like rain for the weekend, but honestly, that's fine with me, too.  There's nothing like a rainy day to set my heart to dusting and cleaning and I've been so preoccupied with my studies recently the house is in desperate need of it.

I'm still striving to live intentionally, and things are going well, I'll be updating about that soon, but this morning I came across a post while perusing some of my favorite blogs that I want to share with you.

I've been reading Monica's blog, The Homespun Heart, for several years now.  She is truly a kindred spirit, a "stop and smell the roses" kind of girl, and I'm always so inspired by her efforts to live slowly and with intention.  She also posts the cutest ideas for enjoying small, everyday celebrations on a budget, even a zero budget, by making use of items you already have at home. If you haven't discovered her blog yet, pour yourself a cup of something warm and spend some time perusing her offerings, you are sure to be inspired!  I'm very excited about a series of posts that she has planned for slowing down and savoring Spring, you can read more about it here

Even though I've made good efforts and even had some success in slowing my life down a bit , I must confess that this Lenten season has not been what I envisioned or even wanted it to be.  So much of that has to do with the amount of time that I am engaged in studying, and I am beginning to realize that if getting my degree is important to me, and it is, that is just something I am going to have to accept.  I also know me, I'm a Rodger's and Hammersteins production on a Dollar Tree budget, and often my dreams and expectations far outweigh my ability.  So when I read Monica's post I thought perhaps following along with her for the next few weeks and refocusing in these days before Easter might be just what I am looking for.  There's really no point in being disappointed that things didn't turn out as I had hoped, especially when there's still time to enjoy this somber but lovely season.  So if you're looking to slow the pace of life down a bit and relish these lovely Spring days, then I would encourage you to follow along as well!  Monica is a truly a gifted writer and I find her posts so encouraging and inspiring!  For now, I have a Texas History test to prepare for.  My plan is to be done with my studies early today so I can savor the weekend!

Until then, my friends, take joy!


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