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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Yarn Along #3

We're still full into the Christmas spirit here until this Sunday when we will observe the Epiphany and then some time early next week the decorations will be put away.  I'm always a mixture of emotions, packing away the tree and all the lovely ornaments, most years I'm tempted to leave them up all year long just for the loveliness they bring to our home.  But I have a plan for the spot where the tree is standing now that I think will maintain a sense of loveliness just as well.  I confess, Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons and for the most part I practically ignore Spring and Summer, at least in our home, and by that I mean that I like for things to feel warm and cozy all year round!

As for reading and stitching, after devoting a good amount of time to learning to knit last week I picked up my crochet hooks again over the weekend and set to work on a scarf in this lovely Christmasy colorscape.  I've had this yarn for over a year and just now decided on a plan for it.  Since it includes all the colors I love, red and green, soft pink and even a touch of amethyst, I plan to put it to use through the colder months of Winter which are still ahead (even in Texas!).

Liturgy of the Ordinary was a gift from a friend who knows my love for the liturgy.  I've just begun to read it and I am absolutely loving it.  I plan to write a review here very soon.  I stopped by Barnes & Noble late yesterday afternoon after dropping my mom off at the hospital.  She was experiencing some rather vague but obvious signs of a heart attack but thankfully all the tests came back negative.  However as a precaution they did decide to keep her overnight for observation.  I'm hoping she will be back home and feeling better soon.  To cheer myself I picked up the January edition of County Living (British Edition).  This is one my little allowances, as I call them, just small purchases that I allow myself from time to time and this magazine is quite possibly my absolute favorite!

If you'd like to participate in the Yarn Along, just follow this link!

Until then, take joy, my friends!


  1. That book looks interesting. Are you enjoying it? I'm downloading a sample to my kindle as I write. :D

    1. Yes, I like it very much. It makes simple tasks, like doing the dishes sacred! But if you think about it, that is how we should live life, in service to others and unto the Lord. :)

  2. Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying this book. Thank you for including it in your post.