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Monday, January 2, 2017

Small Joys

Since my word from the Holy Spirit for 2017 is "JOY", I wanted to find a tangible way to document all the little joys in life that might otherwise pass me by.  So borrowing from this idea I created a "Small Joys Basket".  I had actually forgotten all about this little basket and luckily came across it in the bottom of my ribbon bin!  The moment I saw it I knew it was just perfect for collecting joy!  And so I created some lovely little strips, printed them out and then placed them in the basket. I hope to write down something every day, but I'm giving myself some  grace and being realistic, I am sure there will be days when I'll forget, or to be honest, when joy might be hard to find!  But the fact of the matter is that JOY is a choice and one that I want to make and document as often as often as I can.  This time next year I plan to read through all my slips on New Year's Eve. 

 Take joy, my friends!

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