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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pretty Planning Resources

I've been tweaking my planner(s) a little more over the last few days and in doing so I've come across some lovely resources that I just have to share!

First, you'll want to be sure to download this cute little minimal calendar for 2017.  I printed off one today and placed it in the front of my binder!  I don't know about you, but there are so many times when I need to know a date several months in advance, and while it's pretty easy to just look at the calendar on my phone, it's even easier for me since my planner is always nearby to  look there!  I have it tucked away in a sheet protector on the opposite side of my monthly calendar.

And speaking of monthly calendars, just take a look at the adorable chalkboard calendar (right) from Botanical Paperworks and it is absolutely FREE!  I found this late last year and knew from the moment I saw it that this was my go to monthly calendar for my planner.  While I love my own two page calendar (featured in the top left sidebar), and will continue to make them, they are really designed more for taking note of special holidays, the liturgical year, and things of that nature.  But this calendar is where I pencil in absolutely EVERYTHING that is happening in a given month.  It is perfect for such, and in fact I actually print off two copies, one for my planner and another that I have pinned on my bulletin board for quick and easy reference, and just to add a touch of loveliness!  If you want something that might use a little less ink for printing, I also like this calendar over at Shining Mom.  She has FREE printables, too, so be sure to check them out!

But then, if you want to break things down even further and have a form for mapping out your weeks, look no further than the printable gold mine that is Skip to My Lou!  Her FREE goal setting worksheet package has a Week at a Glance form that is perfect for planning your days!  And be sure to check out her FREE printables section which is a rich storehouse of wonderful resources!  I've already printed several things I found, including this adorable printable calendar!  I'm not even sure how I'm going to use this, but it was just too cute not to print!

From there if you need to break things down by the day, as most of us do, you will find several printables at The Organised Student that are sure to fit your needs.  I think I downloaded everything I found here.  If you look at the picture I took at the top of the page, that's the Month at a Glance (scroll down to find it) form that I found here.  I printed off twelve of these and they are now the first page of each month in my planner.  I've also printed off several of the forms she has created specifically for students and I'm looking forward to using them once classes begin again next week!

Then, there is this great set of printables (left) from The Mountain View Cottage.  I downloaded and printed off this set and I'm currently working on getting them all filled in and in my home keeping planner.  I'm using sheet protectors for durability because these are just so darn cute I want them to last awhile!  While your there be sure to check our her entire printables section!  I've already got my eye on a few things I'm going to print off and use in a project I'm working on.

We're reaching the end, but I had to share these Beautiful Monthly and Today Planner tabs from Felly Bee. I just love these!  I printed these off on card stock today and I'm going to buy some laminate sheets while I'm out purchasing some other supplies I need for school tomorrow and cover them to make them sturdier!  So pretty!

And while I haven't had a chance to look at everything Planning Inspired has to offer, I did sign up to get her 2017 Calendar inserts!  I need the personal size for my student planner and these like they will work nicely.

And finally, something I have decided that this next form has become absolutely necessary as part of my planner, a Password Keeper for keeping track of all those 8 letter, 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 1 number, 1 symbol passwords that I keep forgetting!  I'm thankful that my computer keeps track of most of them, but sometimes when it gets bogged down and I have to clear things out then I'm back to square one and sending myself email after email to reset my password!  Hopefully with this those days will be over.

While I love the look of some of the more expensive planners I've seen, with all the wonderful free printable that are available there is really no reason why you couldn't spend an afternoon putting together a system that works for you and everything you need is already made and at your fingertips!

Do you have a favorite FREE planning resource?  If so, please share in the comments.  I'd love to take a look at what resources I might have missed.

Until then, take joy, my friends!


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