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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Loving My Feathered Friends

While Kate was at an appointment this afternoon I took the opportunity to run into Lowes to purchase some bird seed and suet cakes. Unfortunately, I spent a little too much time looking at all the lovely feeders and envisioning a little bird sanctuary outside my bedroom window and so I had to check out rather quickly so I wouldn't be late picking Kate up, and. . . . . I went off and left the bag of bird seed there only making it home with the suet cakes!  Oh well, I've since called Lowes and they have it tucked away in customer service waiting for me.

I was able to go ahead an put up my window suet cake feeder.  We will have to see how this fares in this location and if it doesn't become a treat for the squirrels before the birds even discover it.  It did well in its location last year when we lived in Virginia, but it may take several placements before I find a safe spot. It takes awhile for birds to find your feeders when you first put them out, and there isn't much in the way of shrubbery in this location either which they tend to prefer so they can safely dart back and forth between the feeder and the bushes.  Thus the reason I want to plant holly bushes here in the spring!  If you notice just under the feeder on the ledge, I sliced some oranges and slathered them in peanut butter and sprinkled on the last that was left of the sunflower seeds.  There are actually four of them on the ledge there so I'm sure they'll draw some attention and be a treat for someone!

I also brought out my pole and bird feeder and went ahead and placed it, but without the seed it's not much to look at at the moment.  Something I had forgotten about and was happy to find in the same box is my little bird bath that I picked up at Goodwill last year, so I filled it up with some water and set it out.  It's going to dip into the 20's tonight so it will freeze overnight and I'll have to check on it throughout the day tomorrow.

I'm so glad I was able to bring out these few little things to  help care for the birds. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get it done today but since it's National Bird Day I was a little more motivated! I do wish I hadn't walked away and left my birdseed at Lowe's, but at least I was able to put a few things out.  Maybe they will begin to attract a few varieties and then as I can I will add other feeders and the holly bushes  and perhaps before long I will indeed have a little sanctuary. I've always dreamed of having a certified Wildlife Habitat in my garden but at about the time I first learned about it we moved three times in one year so that was a little hard to do.  I'm not sure how long I'll be here, but based upon Mom's needs it will be for at least the foreseeable future and that is fine.  Maybe I can slowly work toward that goal and even if it isn't certified, it will at least be pretty! 

Until then, my friends, take joy!

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