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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Feast of Saint Nicholas

Many  children around the world celebrate St. Nicholas day! The legend is that that there were three poor girls that could not get married because they had no dowry, and St. Nicholas came and secretly left three purses of gold for them at night. So the tradition of leaving out shoes to be filled with gifts was born of a generous stranger leaving presents for those in need.  If you'd like to learn more you can read more about it here.

We've celebrated St. Nicholas day in our home for many years now and it's always been one of our favorite days of the Advent season.  With that, here are some suggestions of things that you can place in your children's shoes.  My children have found all of these in their shoes over the years.

- Gold coin candy. (I've found these at Walmart and Dollar Tree)
- New slippers.  Have children put out her shoes at night and awake the next morning to find her gifts in a new pair of slippers filled with gifts.
- New warm socks in Christmasy colors or with a festive pattern.
- An orange or tangerine
- Nuts
- Candy Canes
- A new Christmas ornament.
- A chocolate Santa Claus
- A gift card to a coffee shop to enjoy some hot cocoa!

Other ideas, thought they won't fit in a shoe.
- A Christmas book.
   - The Real Santa Claus
   - The Miracle of Saint Nicholas
   - The Christmas Rose
   - A Little House Christmas Treasury
   - The Anne of Green Gables Christmas Treasury
   - Christmas with Anne

- A Christmas movie
   - An Avonlea Christmas
   - The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
   - Max Lucado's The Christmas Candle
   - A Christmas Memory
   - Christmas Oranges
   - Young Pioneers Christmas

Another idea for recognizing this lovely day is to participate in a community project together as a family.  Perhaps make some small gift bags filled with candy coins, oranges and nuts and maybe one small toy and visit children in the hospital.  You could also make a donation to a children's charity in the area, or donate a toy to Toys for Tots, all which are very much in keeping with the spirit of Saint Nicholas!

If you're looking for some other funs ways to celebrate the day with children here a number of a fun crafts and printables to do, and yet another that links to puzzles, word searches, and coloring pages.
Saint Nicholas day is such a fun celebration for children of all ages, even as an adult I like to set aside this day to indulge in a new pair of Christmas socks.  For me, these timeless rituals and traditions will never grow old!

Here is what St. Nicholas left for Kate and I this year!

For me a Terry's Chocolate Orange Ball, I just LOVE these and try to buy myself at least one every Christmas, thankfully St. Nicholas knows they are my favorite! ;)  A cute little Hershey's Kiss that looks like Santa's Hat, a Lindt Chocolate Santa and a comfy pair of red and white socks!

For Kate there is a package of Lindt chocolate truffles, a Lindt Chocolate Santa, a pack of Candy Cane Ice Breaker mints and her own Hershey's Kiss Santa Hat and a pair of comfy Green and Red socks! SaveSaveSave

These traditions and rituals bring me so much joy and usher quiet moments of reflection
into this very busy time of year!  I look forward to them every year, and for as long
as I am able whether with family and friends or alone and on my own during this special
time of year there will always be new Christmas socks and a few special treats awaiting
me on St. Nicholas day!

~ Have a blessed day, my friends! ~


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