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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Preparing for Tabula Rasa

I started gathering items here and there for Tabula Rasa, which I plan to observe over a period of several evenings next week but primarily on New Year's Eve and New Year's night. Some things I bought specifically for the evening like the bottle of Jack Daniel's, but most of the items I already had on hand or received as gifts this Christmas.

Here I have my twelve votive candles, one for each month of the year that
I picked up after Christmas from Hobby Lobby.  I will be making the
little sleeves to adorn them tonight or tomorrow and I just remembered
that I need to pick up a larger candle to represent the year, I'll have to 
do that tomorrow, hopefully there are still come clearance items out there!

I also have some essential oils for my diffuser, wax melts for the warmer
and an assortment of lotions and lip gloss for comfort.

And here we have my beverage basket.  There will be some special foods as well
but I haven't decided on those yet.  I will be making a trip to Trader Joe's tomorrow
to pick up some fresh flowers and I hope to find some special treats.
I'm very excited to try my new Kati Steeping Cup, a gift to myself with a little extra
money I had set aside, I purchased the Cranberry shade and it is just lovely.
I also ordered some loose tea from Winterwoods Tea Company, i purchased the 
Winter Solstice, Down River Harvest and Centennial Chai blends and will most
likely try Winter Solstice first.

And finally here is my new planner for 2017, it's the Lett's Torino Week to View
in red, and I also ordered a smaller planner, the Moleskine Pocket Planner in
Malachite Green.  I love the look of both of them, especially the beautiful
shade of green on the Moleskin! I'm hoping that they work well for me The
Torino planner is not as big as I would have liked, but I think I can make it
work, but I am sure I may be supplementing it with some  home made
planner pages of my own.

Under the planners is my favorite pair of pajamas and beneath it my 
lovely red blanket that Kate got me for Christmas this year.
The two wrapped gift are a few more gifts to myself that I will
wait until New Year's Eve to open and I am really looking
forward to them!  Even though I know what they are, I still love
wrapping presents and making them lovely and then the anticipation
of waiting to open them.  I always pick up a few thins for myself this time
of year, and as the years pass and traditions change I am sure I will continue to do so.

And with that, I need to work on a few more preparations so that I'll be ready
when New Year's Eve comes!

Until then  . . .

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