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Monday, December 5, 2016

My Favorite Christmas Movies- Christmas in Connecticut

Christmas in Connecticut

Christmas in Connecticut was released nationwide in the United States on August 11, 1945,
which seems like a very odd time for the release of a Christmas movie, but certainly
doesn't diminish from the pure delight of the movie!

In this movie, Elizabeth Layne (Barbara Stanwyk), is one of the country's most
famous food writers. In her columns she describes herself as a hard working
farm woman, taking care of her children and her husband on a lovely
farm in Connecticut.  She also claims to be an excellent cook, and her recipes
are featured in each column.  But it's all lies!  In reality she is a single,
successful New York journalist who can't even boil an egg!
The recipes actually come from her friend and chef, Felix (played by the 
delightful S. Z. Sakall, pictured with Stanwyk below)

When a nurse writes to Alexander Yardley (Sydney Greenstreet), the overbearing
owner of the magazine, and asks if he can arrange for wounded war hero Jefferson Jones
to spend Christmas with Ms. Layne and her family at the farm, the cover up begins!
With the help of her long time but somewhat undesirable suitor, John Sloan (Reginald Gardner),
who just happen to own a farm in Connecticut, a quick marriage of convenience is planned
to save Elizabeth's job.  But once Jefferson Jones arrives, Elizabeth wonders
if perhaps she hasn't acted too quickly.

Christmas in Connecticut is my all time favorite classic Christmas movie.
There isn't a weak link in the cast, and the chemistry between Stanwyk and Gardner
is impeccable! Christmas in Connecticut introduced my to S. Z. Sakall, who is a pure 
delight as Uncle Felix!  In addition to the wonderful cast, the staging and settings
for this movie are absolutely exquisite! I've always said that I was born in the
wrong era as I just love the styles, both in fashion and decorating, from
the late 40's and 50's! If you're a fan of this era as well, you will love
Christmas in Connecticut!

Here's the original trailer!

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