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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Favorite Christmas Movies - Little Women (1994)

Little Women

For me there is no other adaptation than the 1994 version of
Little Women.  Though I was at first skeptical of the casting
of Susan Sarandon as Marmee, I found her performance to be
exceptional, with Trini Alvarado as Meg, Wynona Ryder as Jo,
Claire Danes, as Beth and a young Kirsten Dunst as Amy,
I am not sure there has ever been a more perfectly cast adaptation,
even a young Christian Bale is charming as Laurie.

One of the things I love most about this movie is the set.  It's sets
like these that initially drew me to my love for greens and reds
and corals.  Even though they are Christmas colors, seeing them
in these settings was what inspired me to believe that they would
well suited all year long.  Now that I living with and caring for my
mom and green is her favorite color, it seems a natural fit.

Just look at that lovely green woodwork!  So beautiful, now if only
we had a fireplace and a window box, or to live in Orchard House!

I also love the costuming, though of of character and a decision
she later regretted, I found Meg breathtaking in this scene from 
Belle Gardner's ball.

 And sweet Beth, whose death scene still moves me to tears no
matter how many times I watch it, I find even the plain,
simple clothes they wear every day so lovely!

I love the tenderness that is shared between these four sisters.
This was and remains one of my favorite books and was the first
book novel I read cover to cover as a child.  I always wanted
 a sister and dreamed that we would have been as close!

Here are a few more scenes showing the interior of the house,
absolutely breathtaking!  I LOVE the greenery, and that is one
thing I am really missing being here in Texas.  I always had
easy access to greenery in Virginia, but it's in short supply here,
at least, in Fort Worth!

And I'll end with one my favorite scenes, of Jo, staying up late
in her bedroom, working on her novel and contemplating.

Late at night my mind would come alive with voices and stories and friends as dear to me as any in the real world. I gave myself up to it, longing for transformation.

If you've never seen this adaptation I highly recommend it.
Here in a link to the original trailer, 

It should be easy to locate at your local library or from Amazon for rent or purchase. 


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