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Monday, December 12, 2016

From My Reading

"Originally of course it was the heaven's and their citizenry who first brought us back to the farm.  Having spent most of my own late childhood and early adolescence walking around with my face turned skyward, I early and unconsciously gained some simple sense of the sky as place. In a way, I suppose, my playmates and I domesticated the heavens as innocently as we domesticated our earth space. 

That the skies changed disposition and color was as natural to us as it was that the land around our feet should shift with the seasons, should follow a reassuringly predictable cycle, should shed one fascination for another.  We watched the boiling clouds for snow in the winter and counted thunderheads in summer, telling our seasons as simply as most children tell their dreams.

At night our eyes walked a dome that was as familiar as our own bedroom in the dark. Finding Orion each evening and counting the jewels in his belt was not mythology, it was personalized fact.  Watching the bears rotate with the passing winter was as much an evidence that the system was working in proper order as was waking to the lengthening daylight. The one of us children who first spotted Venus each March was guaranteed to be lucky all that year.  Such good fortune was quite literally, written in the stars for us."

~ Phyllis Tickle
What the Land Already Knows
Winters Sacred Days

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