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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Setting up . . .

Yesterday I posted about how I had begun gathering items that I would want and need for Tabula Rasa, which I will celebrate in earnest from 9:00 - 12:00 tonight. Today many of those items have come together and I've created a cozy crafting table for myself.  I'm loving it so much I'm thinking of using it all the time, especially after the new semester begins, I think a slightly less cluttered setting would be lovely for studying.  I'm about to fasten the wrappers to the twelve candles that will form the Tabula Rasa Ring which I will light at midnight!  This is my first New Year's Eve alone, well, not completely, Mom is here but she will be asleep long before the ball drops.  But much to my own surprise I'm perfectly at peace with being alone, in fact, I'm rather enjoying it! It's nice at times to have no one else to consider, you are completely free to pursue your own desires! I'll be posting more pictures as the evening progresses, and just now I've popped the first of the Hobbit movies into the DVD player.  I've decided to watch all three along with the Lord of the Rings trilogy!  I'll check back in again a little later!

Update: The candles are ready!

The view from the door, so peaceful!

Midnight candle lighting.
Happy New Year, my friends!

Until then . . .

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Preparing for Tabula Rasa

I started gathering items here and there for Tabula Rasa, which I plan to observe over a period of several evenings next week but primarily on New Year's Eve and New Year's night. Some things I bought specifically for the evening like the bottle of Jack Daniel's, but most of the items I already had on hand or received as gifts this Christmas.

Here I have my twelve votive candles, one for each month of the year that
I picked up after Christmas from Hobby Lobby.  I will be making the
little sleeves to adorn them tonight or tomorrow and I just remembered
that I need to pick up a larger candle to represent the year, I'll have to 
do that tomorrow, hopefully there are still come clearance items out there!

I also have some essential oils for my diffuser, wax melts for the warmer
and an assortment of lotions and lip gloss for comfort.

And here we have my beverage basket.  There will be some special foods as well
but I haven't decided on those yet.  I will be making a trip to Trader Joe's tomorrow
to pick up some fresh flowers and I hope to find some special treats.
I'm very excited to try my new Kati Steeping Cup, a gift to myself with a little extra
money I had set aside, I purchased the Cranberry shade and it is just lovely.
I also ordered some loose tea from Winterwoods Tea Company, i purchased the 
Winter Solstice, Down River Harvest and Centennial Chai blends and will most
likely try Winter Solstice first.

And finally here is my new planner for 2017, it's the Lett's Torino Week to View
in red, and I also ordered a smaller planner, the Moleskine Pocket Planner in
Malachite Green.  I love the look of both of them, especially the beautiful
shade of green on the Moleskin! I'm hoping that they work well for me The
Torino planner is not as big as I would have liked, but I think I can make it
work, but I am sure I may be supplementing it with some  home made
planner pages of my own.

Under the planners is my favorite pair of pajamas and beneath it my 
lovely red blanket that Kate got me for Christmas this year.
The two wrapped gift are a few more gifts to myself that I will
wait until New Year's Eve to open and I am really looking
forward to them!  Even though I know what they are, I still love
wrapping presents and making them lovely and then the anticipation
of waiting to open them.  I always pick up a few thins for myself this time
of year, and as the years pass and traditions change I am sure I will continue to do so.

And with that, I need to work on a few more preparations so that I'll be ready
when New Year's Eve comes!

Until then  . . .

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Yarn Along #2

Every year about this time I get the urge to learn to knit and it has bit with a vengeance this year. Though I love crocheting, there is something about knitting that is so much lovelier, possessing a more polished look. And so I am set once again to try, proclaiming this as THE year!  I'm quite slow, as I suppose most are when learning to knit, and become rather frustrated when the yarn "splits" when pulling it through.  I don't know any other way to describe it, all I know is that often single tiny threads will separate from the rest of the strand and tie up my needle. I am not sure if it is because I am using cheap yarn or if perhaps wooden needles are not the best for beginners?  Any and all advice is welcomed, though I'm not apt to pay much for yarn until I am convinced I am sticking with this!

With Kate being away for the next week visiting her dad in Delaware, I thought it might be a good time to revisit this lovely series from my childhood, probably my absolute favorite!  My original set was ruined in the move, though thankfully of ALL the books I own and moved that was all that was lost.  Thankfully through the generosity of a dear friend, I was able to order a replacement set from Amazon and they arrived on Christmas eve!  I'm holding off at least until the weekend and plan to begin the new year with a re-reading, I can hardly wait!

If you'd like to participate in the Yarn Along, here is the link!

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Every year, usually in early November, if not before, the "Christmas season" begins. The streets are hung with lights, the stores are decorated in red and green, and you can't turn on the radio without hearing songs about the spirit of the season and the glories of Santa Claus. The excitement builds to a climax on the morning of December 25, and then it stops, abruptly. Christmas is over, the New Year begins, and people go back to their normal lives.  And as most of the world sighs with a breath of relief, perhaps, that the hustle and bustle of it all is now over, for traditional Christians the celebration of Christmas is exactly the opposite.

For traditional Christians, the season of Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and for nearly a month Christians await the coming of Christ in a spirit of expectation, singing hymns of longing. Then, on December 25, Christmas Day itself ushers in 12 days of celebration, ending only on January 6 with the feast of the Epiphany.

Catholics in England during the period 1558 to 1829, when Parliament finally emancipated Catholics in England, were prohibited from ANY practice of their faith by law - private OR public. It was a crime to BE a Catholic.

"The Twelve Days of Christmas" was written in England as one of the "catechism songs" to help young Catholics learn the tenets of their faith - a memory aid, when to be caught with anything in *writing* indicating adherence to the Catholic faith could not only get you imprisoned, or even worse, hanged.

The songs gifts are hidden meanings to the teachings of the faith. The "true love" mentioned in the song doesn't refer to an earthly suitor, it refers to God Himself. The "me" who receives the presents refers to every baptized person. The partridge in a pear tree is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. In the song, Christ is symbolically presented as a mother partridge which feigns injury to decoy predators from her helpless nestlings, much in memory of the expression of Christ's sadness over the fate of Jerusalem: "Jerusalem! Jerusalem! How often would I have sheltered thee under my wings, as a hen does her chicks, but thou wouldst not have it so..."; and the others represent as follows;

The Partridge in a Pear Tree
 -  The Christ Child
2 Turtle Doves
 -  The Two Testaments, Old and New
3 French Hens
 -  The Three Theological Virtues, Faith, Hope and Charity
4 Colly Doves
 -  The Four Gospels and the Four Evangelists
5 Golden Rings
- The First Five Books of the Old Testament (The Torah)
6 Geese a Laying
- The Six Days of Creation
7 Swans a Swimming
- The Seven Sacraments, gifts of the Holy Spirit
8 Maids a Milking
- The 8 Beatitudes
9 Ladies Dancing
- The 9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit
10 Lords a Leaping
- The 10 Commandments
11 Pipers Piping
- The 11 Faithful Apostles
12 Drummers Drumming
- The Twelve Points of Doctrine in the Creed

While there is some speculation as to the legitimacy of this story, the timing of the Twelve Days of Christmas, beginning on Christmas day and lasting to the Epiphany is a fact and one that I joyfully look forward to each year. 

For many years, when the girls were small, I would wrap up twelve small gifts and they would receive on each day from Christmas to Epiphany, but as they grown older in recent years we have ceased with this tradition, although I am quite certain that in future I will do so again for my grandchildren.  This year I am simply reflecting upon each day and we'll keep the Christmas up for at least another week, maybe longer.  But I'm hoping next year to observe time with a bit more intent. My goal is to stitch this lovely set by Plum Street Sampler.  I'm thinking if I can complete at least one each month, but perhaps two in Autumn, then I will have them ready to go by next Christmas!  I've also decided to restore the tradition of the twelve gifts both for Kate and myself next year and begin now looking for small but meaningful small things to fill these lovely days.  2017 is my year of Intentional Living, so I want to make this part of that! :)

The graphs for these are available for free, here!


Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas

I'm going to be taking a little break for a few days to enjoy some time with my family.
Here's wishing you and yours a blessed and joy-filled Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Winter Solstice Spiral

I've wanted dot make a Winter Solstice Spiral for years now but never did. But this year I decided to do something on a much smaller scale, a tabletop version in fact.  I was so pleased with the result and I now plan to make this an annual tradition to look forward to. I was lucky to have found the greenery in a flower arrangement I bought last week, otherwise I'm not sure where I would have found any in this area, other than the park, and I'm pretty sure they would frown on my clipping branches from the trees!  I want to elaborate on this next year and include the gold stars mentioned in the linked post. I love these times of quiet reflection in this beautiful season.  Winter is with us once again!

A Little Advent

Having been dissatisfied with my Advent candles , I came to the conclusion last night that they were simply too big for the space they were occupying.  I've been quietly observing Advent alone this year, which  may sound sad but has actually been quiet lovely.  However when it came down to the candles, I was disappointed with my presentation.

One I determined that the problem was the shape then I had to figure out exactly what I wanted to do.  I've never been one to follow the tradition of purple and pink candles, and I wanted to use what I had on hand, and since I had a number of these pink votives I decided to make use of them, I figured that's at least part of the traditional colors.

After I had my supplies I decided to make some little wrappers which I thought turned out quiet lovely.  I went with soft shades of green, red and coral.  The little dolls are actually ornaments that I picked up at Goodwill last Christmas, but I always just set them out as little accents and actually keep them out all year.  They remind me of the old Hummell figurines that my grandmother used to collect.

After I was finished it was obvious that it was the size that I wasn't pleased with, this smaller set lays out so much nicer, and since it's just me for the most part I didn't really need an elaborate display anyway.  With that, I am sharing the wrappers I made for these here in case you'd be interested in using them, too.  I realize Advent is almost over, and while not pictured, I'll be adding a larger red candle on Christmas day!

Click on image to enlarge.  Right click on image and save to your computer.

Until then . . .

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Favorite Winter Solstice Books and Traditions

Happy Winter Solstice!

This is our first Winter Solstice in Texas in 17 years, and while it is a bit on the warm side for my liking, I'm embracing it.  One of the upsides of living in the south is that Christmas shopping is a little easier when you're not freezing to death!

While the climate has changed my heart has not, and I'm making a conscious effort to embrace the traditions that have been a part of my life for years now, some dating much further back than when we lived in Virginia. And while Kate is now 17 and "too old"  to join in with me in our celebrations, I'll enjoy them just the same.

I'm not sure what it is about the Solstice, and Christmas in general, but I am always drawn to woodland animals this time of year, truth be told I LOVE them all the year round, but especially at the solstice and Christmas.  I just love these lovely vintage images, and I fondly recall several christmas specials during my childhood with sweet scenes of animals decorating the trees in the forest.  I also think it's the idea of hibernating for the winter, sounds so lovely!  I'd love to just tuck away out of the cold until spring and engage in homey, puttery pursuits! And I will as I am able.

And isn't this picture cute!?  I shared it earlier today on Facebook but wanted to include it here.  I can just imagine the animals throwing a party, perhaps before they begin their long winter nap! And just for giggles (as my sweet Kate likes to say), I'll share one more of these sweet vintage images below.  Aren't they all just lovely?

A few of my favorite books to read on this day include animals;
While The Bear Sleeps Winter Tales and Traditions by Caitlin Matthews

Just listen to this lovely passage;

"Once upon a time there was a girl who went out into the hills just as it was beginning to snow.  It became very cold and she found a deep hole in the side of the rock.  She climbed inside and pulled grass and branches over the entrance to keep out the snow.  Inside it was dark and warm and snug, but completely dark.

Suddenly a deep voice asked sleepily, "Didn't you mother tell you not to go into the bear's den?"

"Is that what this hole is?" asked the girl.

"Certainly," said the voice.  "But seeing as it's so cold outside, you might as well stay here with me and sleep.  I generally do that when winter comes."

"Why?" asked the girl.

"Because it's the time you look inside yourself and remember the important things."

"What are they?" asked the girl.

"That the winter is never so cold when you can share stories with friends of your heart.  That loneliness is never so lonely if you are used to being alone.  That you need never worry about how you look or what people think about you if you are at home to yourself.  That's why I come here."

I don't know about you, but I find this just so beautiful, and the entire book is like this, with stories of Saint Nicholas, Solstice Customs, a story for the first snowfall. It is definitely one that I think should be on every family's bookshelf.

Another one of my absolute favorite books to read on this day is

Dear Rebecca, Winter is Here by Jean Craighead George

I've had a paperback copy of this book for years now, but sadly, it along with all of my Betsy Tacy books were water damaged during the move so I've had to replace them.  I received the Betsy Taco books as an early Christmas present, and just now as I was writing this post and reminded of Dear Rebecca, I ordered myself a used hardcover copy from Amazon. A nice little treat for the solstice!

Here is a passage from this book.

"I light the fire in my fireplace."

You sing jolly songs with your friends.

And while you're singing, summer begins.

On the 22nd (21st this year) of December, little hands of light begin to push back the edge of the darkness minute by minute.

Before very long, you will take off your shoes and jump over bluebells.

I will eat my breakfast outdoors in the sunshine. 

The birds will return as the days grow longer.  The frogs and turtles will come out of the warm mud, and the next thing you know I'll be writing;

Dear Rebecca, summer is here."

While many mourn the first day of winter is actually after the winter solstice that the arrival of the sun begins and each day lengthens until the summer solstice. :)

This is another book that is an absolute must if you enjoy nature and sharing it with your children and family.

and finally . . .

The Shortest Day by Wendy Pfeffer

which has the absolute most beautiful illustrations by Jesse Reiseh

This book is perfect for a nature study or science lesson with your children as it beautifully explains the reason why we observe the winter and summer solstice and the autumn and spring equinox.

There are even some lovely ideas included in the back for things you can do, including making a winter sunrise/sunset chart (something I actually plan to do in my daily journaling this year), measuring your shadow on the shortest day of the year and then again around March 21, June 21 and September 21 of the coming year.   There are even ideas for having a winter solstice party and a solstice party for the birds.  Such lovely ideas, and another not to be missed book!

And while this post is getting long, I did want to share just a few more things that I typically always try to do to recognize this day, and one of them is to make orange slice ornaments.

This year I added lime slices to the mix, a little idea I saw on Pinterest!  I love the colors together!  They've been in the oven now for a little over an hour and I'll be turning them in about 20 minutes and then letting them continue to dry for about another hour to an hour and a half after that.

Another tradition is I always make gingerbread with lemon sauce on this day and I'll be doing just that early this evening after we return from running a few errands. In years past I've made it from scratch, but this year I think I'll opt instead of the store bought kind, and since it will be a late I'm not sure if I'll make lemon sauce tonight or not.

Later tonight after things have settled a bit, I'll make a little spiral with candles and a bit of greenery I have tucked away in a wilting flower arrangement and watch this episode of Little Bear, The Winter Solstice.  If you want to watch it there are two episodes, The Snowball Fight, which is enjoyable as well, but if you want to watch the Winter Solstice episode, it starts at 8:33. :)

The night is cold, the snow is new,
I love winter, how about you?

I'll be back tonight with some more images of how I/we observe and celebrate this loveliest of days!

Until then  . . .

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Stitching and Yarn Along

A little Christmas stitching this morning before I head out to pick up a few last minute stocking stuffers.

While it isn't crocheting or knitting, which I hope to make 2017 my year to learn how, it does still involve yarn and needles, so I'm including a picture in the Yarn Along link up at Small Things. My first time posting here. :)

I did buy some lovely green yarn, below, yesterday and I hope to begin working on crocheting something lovely very soon. And as today is the Winter Solstice, per tradition I read this book, The Shortest Day  by Wendy Pfeffer,  as we have for many years on this day.  Though all of my children are grown or too old to share in these small celebrations, they still hold great meaning and memories for me.  Happy Winter Solstice, my friends!

If you'd like to join in the fun, here's the link!


Monday, December 19, 2016

My Favorite Christmas Movies - The Homecoming

The Homecoming

On this day 45 years ago, The Homecoming made its television debut and I, at the tender age of 10, became a devoted fan of the Waltons.   While the Homecoming differed in cast with Patricia Neal, as Olivia Walton, Andrew Duggan as John Walton, and Edgar Bergen as Grandpa, all of the other cast members are the same both in the movie and the series.  I was so happy when all the original cast for the children reprised their roles in the series, but I must say I never cared for Patricia Neal or Andrew Duggan, they both seemed completely miscast to me, especially Neal, so I was glad when Ralph Waite and Michael Learned took over the roles in the series, and you just can't do better than Will Beer as Grandpa Walton, although I did like Edgar Bergen well enough in the movie.

Though the cast is little different there are already elements of what this tv series so great that are present in the movie, Earl Hamner's narration, and the familiar closing scene of the exterior of the house as one by one the lights go out and the family all say good night to each other.

Edgar Bergen and Ellen Corby as Grandpa and Grandma Walton
Edgar Bergen would be replaced by Will Geer in the tv series.

Richard Thomas as John Boy, Judy Norton Taylor as Mary Ellen,
John Walmsley as Jason, Eric Scott as Ben, Mary McDonough as Erin,
David Harper as Jim Bob and Kami Colter as Elizabeth.
All of the original cast members who portrayed the children reprised
their roles in the tv series.

Patricia Neal as Olivia Walton and Andrew Duggan as John Walton.
Though I LOVE this movie, I do not care for either of these actors
and felt they were terribly miscast, especially Neal who I find completely
unbelievable as Olivia.  Thankfully neither of them went on to make
the tv series and were replaced by Ralph Waite and Michael Learned.

The Homecoming takes place during Christmas, 1933, during the Great Depression, and the Walton's, like many families, are struggling to make ends meet.  As such, John Walton has taken a job about 50 miles from home and the family is eagerly awaiting his arrival home on Christmas eve.  As they day turns into evening and still no sign of John, Olivia hears on the radio that there has been a bus wreck and several people have been injured and one passenger even died.  Knowing John was taking a bus home naturally arouses great concern and she finally confides in John Boy, revealing the news, and asking him to go and find his father.  In his attempts he borrows a car that then runs of out gas, stops by a church looking for help and watches a nativity play, and ends up at the Baldwin Sister's in search of gas only they take him out in their papa's sleigh to continue to looking for his father, but to no avail.  Finally, shortly after John Boy returned home, John Walton walks through the door loaded up with gifts for everyone which he says he had to wrestle Santa Claus for.

In probably my favorite scene in the movie, John Boy opens up his gift to find a stack of Big Chief writing tablets.  Though John Boy had feared that he would be letting his father down by wanting to become a writer, and was even keeping his writing a secret, his observant father knew and encouraged him to pursue his passion by providing him with the tools to do it.  Very touching!

Watching this movie again earlier this week reminded me of Big Chief writing tablets, which were still a thing and available to purchase when I was a child, I remember seeing them every year when we went shopping for school supplies.  Though I haven't seen them in stores in years, they are still available on Amazon.

If you've never watched The Homecoming I highly recommend it. I own it on DVD and you can purchase it as well for a fairly reasonable price.  But I just happen to have found it recently on You Tube as well, so if you want to try it out first, here it is!

~ Enjoy! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

On the Sunday Before Christmas

“Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastime.” 

 ― Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, December 17, 2016

More Vintage Images

Popping back in today with a some more endearing images from Christmas' past.  We are experiencing a mixture of seasons here in Texas today, with the weather starting off in the 70's and then dipping 50 degrees by late afternoon into the 20's.  I'm much fonder of the colder temperatures, makes it feel so much more like Christmas!  And with that, here are the sweet images.  I hope you are enjoying these lovely scenes as much as I am!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Images of Home

I just love vintage Christmas cards, and there are so many lovely images that one can enjoy just by browsing the internet, especially Pinterest.  I've found a few over the past few days that I think are lovely and I wanted to share a few of them here with you today.

The image to the right is one that I actually extracted from an old Christmas card.  I love the little red house and the church with the bell tower next door.  It probably appeals to me because of the colors, which are all of my favorites!  But I also love the feeling of a gentler, simpler time that is conveyed.  It is truly lovely!
And this image, with the field of snow and the big blue sky, such a charming wintry scene.  The little green farm house with smoke coming from the chimney, one could easily imagine that inside grandmother is ready with some fresh baked sugar cookies and mugs of homemade hot cocoa, just waiting for her grandchildren who are busy sledding outdoors.

And speaking of cocoa, here is Ina Garten's recipe for

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

2 1/2 cups of whole milk
2 cups of half and half
4 oz. semi sweet chocolate, chopped
4 oz. bittersweet chocolate, chopped
2 Tablespoons of good cocoa powder
1 Tablespoon of sugar
1 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract
1 teaspoon of instant espresso powder
Whipped cream

Heat the milk and half-and-half in a saucepan on medium heat to just below the simmering point. Remove the pan from the heat and add the semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolates. When the chocolates are melted, whisk in the cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla extract, and espresso, if using, and whisk vigorously. Reheat gently and pour into cups or mugs.

Crush 4 candy canes (I place them in a plastic bag and break them up with a wooden rolling pin). Stir 1/2 tablespoon of crushed candy cane into each mug, top with a dollop of whipped cream, sprinkle with crushed candy canes, and put a whole candy cane stirrer into each mug. Serve hot.

Sweetened Whipped Cream: 
Place the cream, sugar, and vanilla in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Whisk on medium-high speed only until the cream makes soft peaks. Yield: 1 1/2 cups

And finally, here is one more.  Anyone who knows me knows that I just LOVE the night sky, so naturally this charming scene with the full moon rising over the little house all decked out for Christmas is just charming!  I can just imagine the lovely sight of the light through the windows and the moon illuminating the snow and casting long shadows of the bare trees across the lawn.  I wish I could just step right into this setting!

And with that, I'm off to do a little shopping this afternoon!  No matter how much I plan there always seems to be a few last minute details that need tending to!

 Until then . . .

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Victorian Christmas Display

I wanted to pop in this morning and share a little project I worked on yesterday.  I've always been a HUGE fan of Victorian postcards and especially at Christmas.  I've never had much luck finding good quality images at flea markets, at least, not for a price I was willing to pay, but I do love looking at them on the internet.  Then yesterday it occurred to me, why not just save some of my favorites to my computer and print them and make my own cards, so that is exactly what I did.  Though they are little bigger than the average post card would be, I actually like the slightly larger size.  I thought this combination of images and colors was beautiful together and it lends itself nicely to my room! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Favorite Christmas Movies - Little Women (1994)

Little Women

For me there is no other adaptation than the 1994 version of
Little Women.  Though I was at first skeptical of the casting
of Susan Sarandon as Marmee, I found her performance to be
exceptional, with Trini Alvarado as Meg, Wynona Ryder as Jo,
Claire Danes, as Beth and a young Kirsten Dunst as Amy,
I am not sure there has ever been a more perfectly cast adaptation,
even a young Christian Bale is charming as Laurie.

One of the things I love most about this movie is the set.  It's sets
like these that initially drew me to my love for greens and reds
and corals.  Even though they are Christmas colors, seeing them
in these settings was what inspired me to believe that they would
well suited all year long.  Now that I living with and caring for my
mom and green is her favorite color, it seems a natural fit.

Just look at that lovely green woodwork!  So beautiful, now if only
we had a fireplace and a window box, or to live in Orchard House!

I also love the costuming, though of of character and a decision
she later regretted, I found Meg breathtaking in this scene from 
Belle Gardner's ball.

 And sweet Beth, whose death scene still moves me to tears no
matter how many times I watch it, I find even the plain,
simple clothes they wear every day so lovely!

I love the tenderness that is shared between these four sisters.
This was and remains one of my favorite books and was the first
book novel I read cover to cover as a child.  I always wanted
 a sister and dreamed that we would have been as close!

Here are a few more scenes showing the interior of the house,
absolutely breathtaking!  I LOVE the greenery, and that is one
thing I am really missing being here in Texas.  I always had
easy access to greenery in Virginia, but it's in short supply here,
at least, in Fort Worth!

And I'll end with one my favorite scenes, of Jo, staying up late
in her bedroom, working on her novel and contemplating.

Late at night my mind would come alive with voices and stories and friends as dear to me as any in the real world. I gave myself up to it, longing for transformation.

If you've never seen this adaptation I highly recommend it.
Here in a link to the original trailer, 

It should be easy to locate at your local library or from Amazon for rent or purchase. 


Monday, December 12, 2016

From My Reading

"Originally of course it was the heaven's and their citizenry who first brought us back to the farm.  Having spent most of my own late childhood and early adolescence walking around with my face turned skyward, I early and unconsciously gained some simple sense of the sky as place. In a way, I suppose, my playmates and I domesticated the heavens as innocently as we domesticated our earth space. 

That the skies changed disposition and color was as natural to us as it was that the land around our feet should shift with the seasons, should follow a reassuringly predictable cycle, should shed one fascination for another.  We watched the boiling clouds for snow in the winter and counted thunderheads in summer, telling our seasons as simply as most children tell their dreams.

At night our eyes walked a dome that was as familiar as our own bedroom in the dark. Finding Orion each evening and counting the jewels in his belt was not mythology, it was personalized fact.  Watching the bears rotate with the passing winter was as much an evidence that the system was working in proper order as was waking to the lengthening daylight. The one of us children who first spotted Venus each March was guaranteed to be lucky all that year.  Such good fortune was quite literally, written in the stars for us."

~ Phyllis Tickle
What the Land Already Knows
Winters Sacred Days