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Friday, July 7, 2017

Dirt On My Boots Has A New Name!

I apologize in advance for all of the changes, however, after playing around with the name "Dirt On My Boots" which actually fit well with my journey, I just wasn't feeling the Texas/Western logo. Even though I am a native Texan and Fort Worth will always be very special to me, I wanted something that still incorporate my love for stars but didn't limit me so much in theme, and I felt the Texas silhouette and font choice definitely set a different feel than my intended content has and will continue to reflect.  So with that, I have stayed with the same colors and kept the star but my new blog name is An Intentional Life, and you can find me here.

Thank you for your patience! ★

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Next Step On This Journey

Well, after spending a little time praying about if and when to continue this blog, on Thursday afternoon of this week everything just seemed to come together.  While I have loved this blog, other than around the holidays it had honestly become more of an obligation than a joy.  As I was processing that realization I also realized that part of the problem is that it really no longer accurately reflects where I am in life right now. 

When I first began this blog, I was a stay at home mom, married, living in a farmhouse on 17 acres of land and homeschooling my daughter, so the concept upon which I built the blog and my posts were relevant to my life. And while a lot of the fundamental things have remained the same, there have been some major changes that have taken place over the past two years.  First with a move to a larger city and into an apartment, my daughter's maturing into her high school years with a brief enrollment in public school, and the biggest change came when my husband and I separated and he moved to Delaware and my daughter and I moved to Texas to care for my mom.   I haven't had a "home", at least in the sense of being "my home" for awhile now, so managing the house and decorating and all the things I loved to share, took a back seat to adjusting to the new normal, going back to school, and honestly, processing a lot of emotions.  None of which I was particularly inspired to write about!

But with my mom's recent passing we now find ourselves in the midst of change once again, and we will be moving back to Virginia and through the generous blessing of dear friends, into a space that will once again be all our own.  I am not only excited about the prospect of feeling centered and grounded in a space again, but equally as excited to begin sharing the next chapter of our life with you!  I can already envision posts about home keeping, cooking, scheduling household tasks, as well as remaining true to my desire to live slowly and intentionally.  Though I won't be a full time stay at home mom, I know that as I work to find a job and maintain balance in my life that I'll want to share that journey here with you, as well.  To be honest, I'm not really sure how it's all going to come together, but I do know this, God is already there and I just need to trust Him at every step in the journey!  He has been so faithful to me over these past sixteen months, and I know that He will remain with me as I step into this next chapter.

With that, you can find me over at my new blog, Dirt On My Boots.  Remaining true to my Texas lineage, which I will always hold dear, "Dirt on my boots" is symbolic of this Texas girl's journey down the road where the Holy Spirit so faithfully leads me.  It is also derived from a sermon I once had the privilege to hear, in which the speaker talked of following the Lord so closely that you were covered with "the dust of the Rabbi".  And since I'll always be a Texan at heart, well then naturally that means that in order to remain that close I'm going to get a little dirt on my boots!  I hope you will enjoy following along with me!  I am not sure how often I will be posting over the next few weeks as we are packing and preparing for the move, but I will try to pop in a little here and there!

Until then . . .

Monday, May 15, 2017


Good morning, friends. 

Many of you who follow my blog also follow me on Facebook, and so you are aware of my mom's passing on Friday, May 12. Prior to my mom's passing I was consumed with finals during my last semester in school, so those two things combined are what have led to my lack of posts. At this point I fully intend to return to regular posting, but as the next few weeks will be devoted to preparations for my mom's funeral and then beginning the process of paperwork and sorting through her things, I am going to take a sabbatical until the first of June. I appreciate your taking the time to visit with me here, and appreciate your prayers during this difficult time.

Monday, April 17, 2017

A Pleasant Way to Spend an Easter Evening

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I receive a percentage of the profits from the sale.  Thank you!

I spent part of my early Easter evening crocheting, watching the first three episodes of the first season of When Calls the Heart (I've never watched it), and reading a bit in this charming little book, Red Sky at Night.  I actually bought this book back at Christmas when I came across it on a friend's Instagram account, but last night was the first chance I'd had to read a little of it and I  really enjoyed it!  It appealed to me immediately when I read this in the product description;

"In a world of traffic congestion, supermarket shopping, and 24-hour Internet access, it is easy to feel disconnected from the beauty and rhythms of the natural world. This is the book for anyone who has ever gazed in awe at stars in the night's sky, tried to catch a perfect snowflake, or longed for the comfort of a roaring log fire."

Here were a few things that caught my eye;

- Bee Lore, because I'm a wanna-be bee keeper!

- Building the perfect bonfire, because I was always been the kid who played with matches, and I'm a great fire builder, so I figured I could only improve!

- How to predict the weather, which includes things like watching the condensation trails left by aircraft because the longer they are visible the greater the amount of moisture is in the upper part of the sky. And apparently insects don't like rain, so if there are plenty of bees and butterflies around, you can be pretty confident of pleasant weather.

- A personal favorite was Pooh Sticks, from the beloved Winnie the Pooh stories, which is just throwing sticks in to a river to see whose emerges first, but the fact that this little game originated in these charming stories lends to the charm of simplicity of the game itself.

There is also an entire chapter devoted to The Turning of the Year which covers things like

- The Quarter Days
- The Twelve Months, which includes this cute little poem by George Ellis

Snowy, Flowy, Blowy,
Showery, Flowery, Bowery,
Hoppy, Croppy, Droppy,
Breezy, Sneezy, Freezy

- British Feast Days (It's a British book but perfectly applicable here in the states)
- The Special Days of the Year
- Birthdays

A few others I enjoyed were;

- Gardening by the moon
- Home remedies

It's such a pleasant little read, and while most of the reviews I read were critical of the fact that you could open it up and read a paragraph and be done, that is actually part of the appeal for me. One reviewer wrote that they were "disappointed that "How to Navigate By the Stars" was not more in depth, but in my mind, if you REALLY need to know how, you shouldn't be consulting a little book like this, you should probably be taking a course! It was a perfect choice for me because there are times when I only have a little time reading and this fits the bill for those times.  Anyone who likes British books and gardening and folklore, will enjoy this gem.  I'm also REALLY enjoying When Calls the Heart!  I think I watched the first episode some time ago when it first came out, and I'm not sure why I didn't continue with it, but I'm happy to have found it.  I'm also going to look at Home Fires, I think I might like it too!  But for now I am, sadly, off to prepare for a math test I have tomorrow!  May 8 is my LAST day and I can hardly wait!

Until then my friends, take joy!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Snippets - .02

♥︎ vintage ads!

I ♥︎ this song, another personal favorite

The Good Life
sung by Frank Sinatra

♥︎ this movie! I am a HUGE Sandra Dee fan,
and this is one of the best!

If A Man Answers